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"THANK YOU... The empowerment our staff took away from the event was incredible. From beginning as a disorganised rabble, teaching them to listen to each other and respond to their environment in a positive way led them to making sensational music together. It broke down barriers between staff in a fun and innovative way. What a high to finish our conference on! We’ve had requests for a repeat performance already."

- Mandy McCosker, Executive Manager QBSA

"To Whom It May Concern:

It is with pleasure that ENACT Business Architects provide this testimonial to businesses or community groups that may be considering engaging the team at Independent Music Academy to conduct the "Drum Circle" workshop.

A few months ago we had a wonderful experience with the IMA team when they facilitated a drum circle session with our team. Communication, coordination and the development of team and working together is something that within our business model is paramount. Very few of our people have a music background so this was a session way out of their comfort zone and at first we could see that there was a level of nervousness from individuals. However, it quickly became apparent that as we used the drums to become more "in sync" people began to listen, join in, work off each other and also, become creative.

The drum circle experience then allowed us to break down the elements within the session to identify and relate this experience to our own working environment. From there, strategies were developed and implemented into our business model. Last but not least, it gave the individuals an experience of creating music when their background was totally non musical and therefore a sense of achievement was achieved individually and as a team.

I can highly recommend the Independent Music Academy’s Drum Circle as a highly creative, non threatening and productive experience in developing an awareness of how teams can work together. It is our intention to utilize this format on a regular basis so that we are continually developing team ethic as a part of our business culture."

- Trevor Holmes, Enact Business Architects

“Excellent and lots of fun. Really gave a chance to let go in a group.”

“The best. Was a great experience to hear us all coming together.”

“Sound the drums – let’s have drumming sessions in the workplace.”

“More please.”

- Anonymous feedback from participants in post Conference surveys

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