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Drum Circles are one of mankind's oldest methods of communicating within and building communities.

Right now, thousands of companies and government organisations worldwide are using Drum Circles to provide staff with tools to promote communication and teamwork and to build a Corporate Community in the workplace.

To participate in Drum Circles you do not need to be a musician. All you need to make music is your hands.

Drum Circles can be used to break the ice at social functions, they can provide welcome relief during a day of intense workshops and meetings or they can be used as an educational and community building tool within the workplace.

We love providing Drum Circles for social functions and other events, but our speciality is helping to build Corporate Communities through intuitive, instinctive interaction in a Corporate Drum Circle.

The process is simple - our Mentors guide you and your people through a series of simple exercises and group activities.

As the session progresses, our Mentors bring to your attention the group dynamics that are taking place in the Drum Circle and from these dynamics create tools that will help your staff to:

  • Listen.
  • Think before acting.
  • Work for the good of the group.
  • Present ideas with brevity and clarity.
  • Maintain a positive accepting attitude.

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