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Your workplace is full of people who all learn differently.

Your workplace is full of people who all respond to music in a deep intuitive way.

We can use music, and in particular the drum circle, to communicate to all of your staff, regardless of how they learn.

You can separate your staff roughly into three separate learning groups - Visual Learners, Auditory Learners and Kinetic (movement/tactile) Learners.

Perhaps the following situation is familiar to you:

You have booked an excellent speaker for a conference - they are informative, dynamic and inspiring - their message hits home, but somehow it doesn't stick. Though your staff understood the message and gained insight from it, within a few months, it's as if the conference had never happened. All the effort that you went to, to provide your staff with a first class learning experience seems wasted.

What happened is that the speaker didn't satisfy the learning needs of all your staff.

The Auditory Learners were fine, because they can learn by listening.

The Visual Learners would have been helped by visual aides, though there's a good chance not enough of the message was represented visually.

The Kinetic Learners probably gained little: they need to do things to learn.

Drum Circles satisfy the three types of learning in a very complete way.

Your staff will be physically hitting drums, responding to the Facilitators visual indications, as well as the visual feedback of their colleagues' interaction, while aurally experiencing the immediate results of their cooperation as they create fantastic music together. For everyone in the room, Corporate Drum Circles really drive the message home.

Corporate Drum Circles are a simple concept, but extraordinarily effective. Corporate Drum Circles will have a genuine long term impact on your Corporate Community and how your staff interact.

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